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A Black Stallion Motors Programmable Digital Ignition (BSMpdi) can achieve:

  • Improved acceleration.
  • Improved fuel economy.
  • Smoother idle.
  • Better start and more reliability.
  • Lower service costs.


BSMpdi explained

BSMpdi systems allow the inefficient contact points used in older distributors to be dispensed with and allow a car’s ignition advance curve to be optimised to extract the best performance from every individual engine. Reliability, performance and economy are all improved while maintenance and exhaust emissions are reduced. The system is easy to install, or we can do it for your at the Black Stallion Motors workshop. Click for images of installation in V8, V6, V12 or Flat 12 cars.

Maximum performance and efficiency in an engine relies heavily on the accuracy of ignition. Regardless of how contact points are set up, they often give a spark that’s only within ±5º of the optimum crankshaft position, even in a good distributor. In a BSMpdi system, the spark is triggered electronically, allowing the spark to be delivered at precisely the right time every time.

With a BSMpdi, a distributor’s advance curve can be easily modified to suit the characteristics unique to every engine and to get better performance from today’s fuels. In our experience, older engines running on today’s slow burning fuels can handle more advance at low revs and modification of the advance curve can significantly improve torque at low revs.

At Black Stallion Motors we pre-program each system with two advance curves – one designed as a performance curve, the other as a standard curve. A toggle switch installed in the car allows switching between curves. To maximise the benefits available from a BSMpdi we put the car on a dynomometer at which time the advance curves can be fine tuned and reprogrammed quite easily using a PC.

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Suitable cars

The BSMpdi system will work with any carburettored Ferrari with a distributor and some fuel injected models. Since introducing the BSMpdi system to the marketplace, Black Stallion Motors has developed pdi systems for and fitted systems to the following carburettored Ferraris: V8s (308 models), V6s (206, 246), V12 (single or twin cam models 250, 275, 330, 365, 400) and Flat 12s (365, 512). Black Stallion Motors can tailor a system to any car with a distributor and stand alone ignition system and has fitted similar systems to a range of other makes.

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The BSMpdi Kit

When you purchase a BSMpdi you receive:

  • A replacement distributor turned from solid aluminium and made to look like a period item fitted with sealed bearings for the drive shaft. The distributor is also fitted with a Bosch cap and Siemens hall sensor to guarantee precision and durability. Original distributors can be converted to run with the BSMpdi if preferred.
  • Race proven ignition leads.
  • Professionally made wiring looms and programming CD.
  • Heat and shock resistance ignition controller.
  • Professionally written instructions for installation and programming.


Each BSMpdi:

    • is precision engineered in Australia.
    • is made from the highest quality materials.
    • is fully tested before dispatch.
    • comes with a warranty.
    • comes with BSM service support and parts backup.

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It is possible to rebuild old distributors however the parts are extremely hard to come by and the rebuild is likely to cost considerably more than a complete BSMpdi system.

Model Price (AUD)
246 $2750 +GST
308 $2850 +GST
V12 $5000 +GST
Flat V12 $5000 +GST
(requires conversion of original distributor)

Please contact us to discuss cost for other makes.

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Installation images

BSMpdi V8 installation


BSMpdi V6 installation

BSMpdi V12 installation

BSMpdi FLAT 12 installation


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