Black Stallion Motors was founded in January 2000 by Denis Judd. Denis knew that when it came to Ferraris, Tim’s knowledge and expertise were second none. He tracked Tim down and made him “an offer he couldn’t refuse” (though we don’t think he had to try too hard). Tim began as Head Engineer with the fledgling business and has never looked back. Ten years later he took over the business from Denis. A few years later, Tim’s partner Emily also bought into the business. She now works in the workshop office four days a week. Tim continues to work with the cars he loves; maintaining his uncompromising dedication to the quality and precision those cars deserve.

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The people who care for your cars


Tim Embleton: Owner and Mechanic

Tim has always been interested in mechanics. Cars, bikes and planes have fascinated him from the time he first remembers anything.  At 9 he re-built his first engine with his dad – a little Honda 90. By 12 he was rebuilding engines by himself for the motor-cross bikes he was racing.

Tim completed his 5 year City & Guilds Apprenticeship to “A” Grade in 1980 in England, his country of birth. While working on Mercedes in the UK, Tim completed a further year of study on diesel engines. In 1988 he emigrated to Australia to work on Mercedes at Worrells Motors in Toorak and at FW Graunke in Ferntree Gully. Tim had always admired Ferraris but their cost put them out of reach. Instead, he satisfied himself by visiting local dealerships and workshop to have a look at the cars. It was on such a visit one Saturday when the workshop owner asked him to lend a hand for half an hour. Tim was offered a job that afternoon. He spent five years working exclusively on Ferraris, before joining Bosch Australia as their customer service manager for after-market automotive products.

Tim now lives in the Dandenong Ranges with Emily. He has 3 children and many more classic motorbikes! When time permits, he still enjoys working on and racing his bikes. He is an avid collector and restorer of old Range Rovers and Land Rovers, but his eclectic tastes span most unusual European cars. Apart from various early Range Rovers, his favourite old conveyance at the moment is a Citroen DS 21 Safari.


Chris Ward: Senior Mechanic

We were extremely lucky to welcome Chris in early 2016. Apart from his outstanding experience, he has the honesty and professionalism (and sense of humour) needed to fit in here.

Chris moved to Australia with his wife Zofia in 2009 and immediately started work at Zagames in Richmond, Victoria’s only Ferrari and Maserati dealership. He worked his way up to Foreman at Zagames before joining us at Black Stallion Motors. He’s also spent several years in the UK working for the illustrious HR Owen Sports Cars in London on Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati. Those positions have afforded him training and experience of working on newer models as well as the older cars.

Like Tim, Chris has been fixing mechanical things since he was a kid.  He grew up helping his dad fix the machinery on their farm in South Africa. At age 11 he was given a Yamaha AG100 that wasn’t going.  He worked out how to fix it up and make the parts for it himself. To this day, he still enjoys fixing up various cars and bikes in his spare time.

Ever since riding in his first girlfriend’s father’s metallic green Ferrari 328, Chris knew he wanted to be around sports cars. He was chosen from 375 applicants to serve his apprenticeship with Toyota in South Africa. Once qualified (achieving “A” grade), he developed a good relationship with regional rally champion Steve Atkins. Chris was soon head mechanic for the rally race team. From there, he continued to follow his passion for beautiful, quick cars. He has traveled and worked around the world, consistently being promoted within each organisation fortunate enough to hire him. Chris has developed an incredible depth of experience along the way. We are very proud to have him on our team.


Alan Moschenski: Apprentice

It’s a difficult thing finding someone – mechanic or apprentice – who has the right skills and attitude to work at Black Stallion Motors.  It’s a hard thing to find someone, especially a young person without much experience, who you can trust to respect the cars they are working with. It’s hard to find someone who will meet Tim’s exacting standards. So Tim was very lucky, when after more than a few people didn’t work out, Alan arrived in the workshop looking for an apprenticeship.

Although Alan has always loved cars, he didn’t have much in the way of experience. But Tim could see that his attitude and tenacity would go a long way. It was that tenacity that Alan used at 16 years old to convince his father to buy an old Datsun 1600 so they could restore it together. We’re told it took quite a lot of nagging, but eventually his dad caved in (Alan now owns a stunning 260Z).

Alan is now an invaluable member of our small team and has demonstrated great aptitude. His knowledge and understanding continues to grow daily. Working for Black Stallion Motors is a great opportunity; an opportunity that Alan relishes.  Apparently, if asked as a very young child which cars he liked, he would always answer “Ferrari or a red one”. He now works with “a red one” of one variety or another almost every day.  Outside of work, Alan has a keen interest in watching and playing football. Recently he has also developed an interest in machines of the two-wheeled variety and obtained his licence to ride them.


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