Tim’s extensive expertise and knowledge can save you thousands. A pre-purchase inspection gives you a clear and independent assessment of a car’s condition. If the car’s condition isn’t us good as promised, the inspection may give you leverage to negotiate a lower sale price. 

More importantly, an inspection can save your life. Perished fuel lines, defective brakes, faulty electrical systems among other common faults can (and have) caused fatal fires and accidents. Inspections are prudent where you can’t be sure how a vehicle has been kept or you know it has been left untouched for sometime. An inspection may also save a car in cases where starting or moving it could cause catastrophic damage. 

Tim conducts inspections anywhere in Australia and, on occasion, overseas saving you the time and trouble of viewing a vehicle yourself. He is expert in assessing classic supercars, especially Ferraris. Costs for inspections are $500 plus GST if the car is transported to Black Stallion Motors. There are extra costs if Tim is required to travel.

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