At Black Stallion Motors we understand the special considerations required when working with Ferraris and other high-end cars. We are committed to treating every car with the utmost care. The work we do is done properly and we do not cut corners.

Our workshop has been designed and built to accommodate the special features of the cars we work on. Flat floor hoists accommodate cars with low ground clearance and there’s plenty of room for wide doors. We have the specialised tools required for serious work on your car and stock all the correct lubricants if it just needs a service.

Individualised service schedules can be developed for optimal maintenance of your vehicle. They involve an initial one-on-one consultation with Tim to build the plan around the individual needs of you and your car. Service schedules ensure that Tim can see to your car when the service is due (waiting times are often around 1 month for smaller jobs and between 6 and 12 months for larger ones).

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